Steel Industry

Even with a relatively new steel industry, when compared to developed countries, Brazil is considered one of the main steel producers in the world, renowned for its constant technological update.

Brazil exports to over 100 countries, with a fairly representative trade balance in the industrial scenery and represent one of the largest exporters of steel in the world.

With presence in all major import processes, from procurement through documentation until delivery, EMME2 is highly qualified to meet and enable business to companies and the steel sector industries.

Schalker Eisenhütte Maschinenfabrik is one of the leading manufacturers of coke oven machinery worldwide. The company’s experience ranges from constructing the first steam-powered coke pusher machines to supplying man-less operated coke oven machines for the most modern and largest coke oven battery in the world in Duisburg Schwelgern – a ThyssenKrupp Steel AG plant, that went into operation in March 2003. For this superlative coking plant with 2.3 million t/a of blast furnace coke and the biggest coke ovens in the world reaching to a height of 8.32 metres, SCHALKE designed, delivered, assembled and commissioned two complete sets of man-less operated coke oven machines.

Executing this project meant SCHALKE became the global leader for technology in the field of emissions control and increased productivity.

With its high levels of automation, SCHALKE provides for economic coke production, user-friendly systems and plant safety.


– Charging Cars
– Coke pusher machines
– Coke guide Cars
– Coke transfer Cars
– Battery Automation
– Quenching Cars
– Maintenance- / Service Cars
– Emission Control


Framar Industrieanlagenbau GmbH headquartered in Frankenburg – Austria is a traditional manufacturer of oxycutting machines for various applications in the steel industry and special cold circular saw machines.

Cold saws are designed for dry cutting with no burrs and cuts almost rectangular. Due to the high innovative power and technological competence, the company has become one of the leading suppliers in the field of technology sawing. The saws were tested and optimized based on FE calculations and are used to saw billets, tubes, samples and railroad tracks.
As a method of thermal cutting, torch cutting is the technology most commonly used for cutting steel.

This method is secure and allows to cut parts up to 2.5 meters thickness.

Over 30 years of experience in combination with the continued development of cutting technologies ensure optimal cutting results with low installation costs.

High levels of quality, customs development and cost effective solutions.

Special characteristics:
– Robust Equipment and projects with easy maintenance
– Synchronization of running and spindle (electronic or conventional control)
– Automatic detection and edge thickness.
– Torches and nozzles with high power integrated pilot flame.
– Cooling water system of high performance
– Optimized of consumption Technology of torch and nozzle


– Scarfing machines
– Cutting machines for continuous casting
– Cutting machinery for plates/sheets, billets, bars and blanks
– Cutting machines for forging and casting (metalworking)
– Cutting machines for finished parts
– Plants and machinery for cutting of scrap
– Deburrers for billets and thick plates/sheets

We develop products, applications and custom-built innovative solutions to meet the demands of our customers.





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