EMME2 following his philosophy to bring to Brazil and develop new technologies in several areas, acts with more intensity in the various segments.

To bring and introduce new technologies, that can occur if a company wishes to establish in the Brazilian local market by opening a factory or just a sales office. Unfortunately Brazil is a country where there is a series of activities and requirements to open a local structure.

Also all the tax policy is very different compared to other countries.

So EMME2 with their experience and expertise can provide various advisory and consulting services from market analysis until definition of partners and sales structures.

The services that can be provided by EMME2 as consulting would be among others:

– Market Analysis
– Economic viability / feasibility study
– Prospecting for Markets
– Tax Analysis (eg. verification of tariff reduction possibilities for taxes, help defining the best place and others)
– Import (Full support from EXW to DDP/DAP customer including Radar/Authorization to imports goods)
– Organization and support sales structure
– Organization and judicial support
– Help in the definition of sub suppliers
– Assistance in the definition of the entire infrastructure.
– Other necessary services

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